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Grow your business as a Supplier through an effective, interactive trade platform offering limitless business opportunities and benefits that include:

Online Showrooms

Have a regular display of your fashion collections that can be seen and accessed by international fashion buyers. Buyers make their business enquiries to you directly through the showroom. You can change your showroom content at anytime according to seasons and collections. You can show up to 40 products at a time.


Promote your products and services to your target audience through APLF.com’s cost-efficient advertising formats ranging from virtual showrooms to online banners and e-newsletter advertisements to special events sponsorships.

Year Round Media Promotions

APLF.com not only exposes your company and products online all year round, but also provides traffic to your website and your booth at trade shows through our weekly e-newsletters and special fair promotions.



1. What is the benefit of joining APLF.com as a Supplier Member?
APLF.com generates trade leads for suppliers of materials, components, machinery, services, as well as finished products for the global fashion industry. Currently, over 18,700 qualified fashion buyers visit APLF.com every month in search of the right suppliers. Membership raises interest in the Supplier Members’ product offers, possibly hiking up the number of trade inquiries from interested fashion buyers. Also, the online showroom becomes a main referral source that can drive buyer traffic to their individual websites. APLF.com has a growing community of 40,000 visitors, while the eNewsletter is broadcasted to an audience of almost 60,000 trade professionals.

2. What is the APLF.com Online Showroom?
This is a professional online trade platform for suppliers and buyers of high-fashion leather, leather goods, raw materials, machinery and auxiliary supplies. A  Supplier Member presents products and services in his own Online Showroom that can be viewed by Buyers who may then contact the Supplier Member directly.  Online Showrooms function as a mini-website that Supplier Members can update anywhere, anytime. 

3. What is the cost of becoming a Supplier Member?
The current rate for a full year membership is USD 890, valid for 12 months upon payment.

4. Do APLF Fair Exhibitors enjoy special Supplier Membership rates?
APLF fair exhibitors may secure a full year membership at the nominal price of USD 150. The 12-month membership starts once the exhibition fees are settled.

The link to the Online Showroom is included in the Fair Exhibitor’s entry in the Online Exhibitor Listing for that particular fair. Note that the Online Exhibitor Listing is the most visited page of a trade fair site.  There is no additional cost of Supplier Membership for participation in multiple APLF fairs within the validity year.

5. Who are the buyers that visit the Online Showrooms?
The APLF.com Online Showrooms are visited by finished fashion products and materials importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and designers from around the world. APLF.com receives about 40,000 unique contacts via email each week. The website reaches around 18,700 unique buyers per month.

APLF.com has a strict “no-lies” policy with regard to its website traffic reports and provides traffic figures right out of industry-recognised traffic analytics programmes. For a detailed breakdown of traffic, countries and business background please contact [email protected].

6. How can I maximize the success of my Online Showroom?
Success will depend very much on a Member’s product design, quality and presentation. We highly recommended that members upload quality product photos with detailed product descriptions. Fill in all information required in the “My Executive Centre”. Also it is recommended to update contents frequently to ensure that products presented are current and in season.

7. Is it easy to manage my Online Showroom at APLF.com?
Initial set-up may take about an hour, but once familiarized with the system and the process, showroom owners usually can update their showrooms in minutes. 
Updates should be made seasonally or as required.


8. What support does APLF.com offer to Supplier Members?
Supplier members can contact [email protected] or call +852 25162170 to ask questions or to report any issue with their showroom. APLF.com online showroom operators will respond to email requests within two working days.

9. How do I get started?
For non-exhibitors, contact [email protected] or call +852 25162170 and request for assistance in applying for a Supplier Membership. Confirmed exhibitors at the APLF trade fairs receive their log in credentials automatically by email, a week after payment of the participation fees. First-timers may want to follow the instructions provided in the Supplier Showroom Setup Manual.