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Hidenet Weekly Video report for February 11 2018
13 February 2018

Reporting from his home base in Scotsdale Arizona, Hidenet publisher DonPhsman notes that the Micam show in Italy should give us an idea of how the international shoe trade will be in 2018.

In Europe there are signs of recovery in the sheepskin market but mid range footwear still appears to be struggling. Bulls and large cows are still in demand for upholstery and automotive in Europe.

In North America it was another uneventful week with slaughter outstripping sales and shipments once again. Don notes that all steer selections fell by between 50 US cents to US$1 and asks if this is the start of another price downdraft? After all, there is an abundance of hides in the pipeline and in warehouses.

In Brazil wet blue TR1 was unchanged at US cents 95 but fresh green hides retraced around 5 US cents. Slaughter is stable in Argentina and prices also remain stable in Paraguay.

Here is this week’s complete report: